Throttle Lock Comparison Chart

There Are 4 Different Types of Motorcycle Throttle Locks

Mounts to Throttle Sleeve

Mounts to Rubber Grip

Mounts to Bar End

Mounts to Handlebar and Grip

Quick Throttle Lock Explanation

Each motorcycle throttle lock uses friction to hold the throttle in place. This friction is necessary to overpower your motorcycle's throttle body return spring. The throttle isn't actually "locked". Additionally, it's worth noting, throttle locks are not "cruise control" because they won't automatically adjust your speed for hills and wind.

Design, Function and Safety: The ATLAS Throttle Lock Uniquely Has It All

Easy to engage and disengage
Using non-dominant fingers, twisting or reaching to set a motorcycle throttle lock is dangerous for obvious reasons.

The ATLAS is engaged and disengaged with your thumb and is always within reach. Engaging a bar end throttle lock may seem easy at the dealership, but is terribly awkward once you're cruising at 70 mph.

Not specific to year, make or model
The ATLAS is a universal throttle lock, which is essential if you want to keep it for years to come instead of selling it with your bike. Unlike bar end throttle locks, the ATLAS works with all hand guards.

Doesn't take up any grip space
There is no need to feel cramped or crowded while you ride. The whole reason you buy a throttle lock in the first place is to get a break, so why ride with something that requires grip space to function?

Mounts securely to your bike
Don't worry about your throttle lock being picked off. A quality throttle lock won't be susceptible to theft. The ATLAS mounts with one simple allen bolt and doesn't need any adjustment once it's properly installed. 

Offers a smooth riding experience
The ATLAS engages and disengages without any change in speed. Other designs force you to decelerate when disengaging the unit. No more lurching on the freeway or abrupt slow downs without brake lights.

Installation without drilling or removing anything
The ATLAS clamps onto the plastic throttle tube without requiring drilling or removing parts from your throttle. The typical installation time for the ATLAS is 5 minutes.

Looks factory
The ATLAS fits so well, it looks like it was meant to be. 

Made of high quality materials
The ATLAS is made of hardened stainless steel and is built to last. It simply doesn't make sense to use a product made of plastic or cheap metal. Throttle locks work hard holding your throttle open and you don't want yours going out on you while on the road.